God Of War – Review


As someone who had never previously played a God Of War game, this new instalment was a wonderful surprise and a great comfort in times of flu. Before the game was released, I had seen the trailer for this new one but I had no inclination to play it. What changed my mind was when I started to watch a Let’s Play on YouTube and it clicked in my brain that I needed to play this. Fortunately, I have a wonderful boyfriend who knew that whenever I’m sick (which I was at the time) gaming is the main thing that gets me through uncomfortable nights. So he popped onto the Playstation Store and downloaded the game and I love him. Continue reading


A Wild Nintendo DS Has Appeared!


I once owned a Nintendo DS but that was flippin’ ageees ago! I gave it away because I had stopped using it and there were others who would get better use out of it. However, recently, I really wanted to get back into playing DS games and so a Nintendo 2DSXL has joined the household. Continue reading

Star Trek Discoveries


Full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of Star Trek but I have enjoyed watching the series when I was a kid and teenager. I have fond memories of watching Trek with my mum, and having her realise she has a nerdy streak when she got super hyper after discovering a Voyager episode she had never seen before is something I’ll treasure. So, I approached the new series on Netflix as a casual fan. Continue reading

Installing My New Language – 日本語


I certainly wish I could download knowledge as quickly as Neo and Trinity in the Matrix, but alas, I shall have to install the hard way, hours and hours of study. This particular upgrade is Japanese! It’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a number of years now and I’ve recently finished my first year of study and am about to start my second. I figured it’s the perfect time to reflect on what I’ve picked up. Continue reading