The Gorgeous Worlds Of Lorena Alvarez And David Litchfield


While working in a bookshop, I’ve come to utterly adore Picture Books. Perhaps it’s something to do with them being part of my favourite bedtime story memories, but I just think there’s something truly wonderful captured when story and illustration come perfectly together. There are several classic stories, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Grufalo, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, etc, and there is a long list of new Picture Books that are a ‘must have’, but today I want to highlight two writer/illustrators that have recently been published and that I, simply put, am enamoured by. Lorena Alvarez and David Litchfield. Continue reading

Diving Into Mass Effect: Andromeda


Of course I’m playing Andromeda, what do you take me for? Having been a fan of the Mass Effect series, I dived into this new instalment with a lot of enthusiasm and so far, all is good. I’m just over half way through the game (I assume, as this is my first playthrough) and I wanted to put down my thoughts so far. (Beware for minor plot spoilers for the first half of the game). Continue reading

Nerd Diary – the music of language, and the language of music

wpid-20150605_140324.jpgWhile it’s waaaay past January, I’m finally getting my backside into gear and making plans in my life to reach goals that I’ve wanted to reach for years. Learn to speak a foreign language, and learn to play an instrument. These are probably on a lot of people’s list of things they want to do so it’s not like I’m doing anything out of the ordinary, but I really want to put in an effect this year to get me on track to making them dreams come true. Continue reading

Nerd Diary – Scotland’s National Book Town


Well, my week away from blogging was certainly good for my book-geek soul. I was off to Scotland to visit my nan and as I couldn’t stay at her place (she has dogs, I’m very allergic) where better to stay than at Wigtown, Scotland’s national book town. While only a small place, you certainly can’t move without bumping into a pile of paperbacks. I thought I’d share with you three bookshops that are a must when visiting, and the (surprisingly modest) pile of books that I came home with. Continue reading